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 गोमुखासन-स्त्री ओर पुरुष को हमेशा बीमारियो से रखे कोसो दुर  (Gomukhasana)


Sit with the straight legs.practise Bend the left side of leg and places it on the right thigh so thatpractise the left heel touch the outer side ofpractise the right buttock. Bend the rightpractise leg and place the right heel besidepractise the left buttock. Both buttocks is on the floor. >Raise the right arm and bend it behind the head so the elbow points up. Bring the left< arm behind the back from below and clasp the fingers of both handspractise together. The head remains upright and straight and restspractise on the right forearm. Look up. >Breathing normally hold the position.practise Return to the starting position.
Practice the exercise on the otherpractise side.


Strengthens the finger jointsbenefits and wrists, promotes mobility of the shoulders and hips,benefits while strengthening muscles of the chest and back. Improves abenefits rounded back and sideways curvature of the spine. Facilitatesbenefits deeper breathing. Stimulates kidney function, activates the bladder and the digestivebenefits system, and also counters diabetes.  benefits


This exercise should notbenefits be practiced with injuries to the arms, hands or legs.benefits

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